The Runway

Cab ride, dreamer, drifter

Seldom do we take a journey without realizing what the moment passing by had in store for us. Start with a destination in mind, think of where you’ve reached…oh…another few km or miles and should be able to find it? What about the swanky car with the eclectic curves? Was it Dilip Chhabria, was it a foreign model? How about the tractor passing by with the rugged looks and an even more roughed up sound emanating from it? How about the perfect synchronization of man, woman and that bike?….ahem….It’s all that and more when travelling in Delhi. It’s been ages and the debate still lingers vis a vis Mumbai…” shift here, a better place to live in, is it?” Perhaps we still need testosterone-fueled cheers from the IPL franchises to engrain a sense of regionalism, a sense of pride to where we come from. No harm intended but there is a sense of belonging every time somebody does raise the baton. No seas flowing here, not one…Neither tributaries nor streams …We do have the Yamuna clogged with effluents with its water levels rising ever so high in recent times and flooding the low lying areas. But the industries still keep churning and disposing of off with renewed vigour not to mention Indira Gandhi indoor stadium still lies unaffected or for that matter the Delhi Secretariat. Heavens forbid if something happened to it…wonder what Mrs Sheila Dixit would come up with…Was it Lord Shiva??? The destroyer? Whoa, another sports bike just zipped by….It’s a confluence of cultures and influences from all across…Migrants teaming in for want of better opportunity…The metro making it both comfortable and an experience not to be missed. Thanks to Thiru Sreedharan, Head of DMRC for bringing Gotham City & Spidermen…Not to forget the adjoining areas…N.O.I.D.A, Gurgaon, with their neo colonization of cultures by youth from all over the country waking up to not just earn for themselves but to start living an alternate lifestyle never thought possible by their parents…Why??? How about the malls, the infrastructure provided by the IT/ITES industries, the brands, hoardings screaming out for you to have a look. The toned up bodies, the sundry colors, the shimmering merchandise….Someday, ”Gaadi sade pe lagale, Sunai na dere horrun?” (Get the car on the other side, deaf or what?) amidst a cacophony of sounds, had just drifted towards the bus stop…Oops…Cabs too and fro at any time of the day or night….You might get late in a train or have your pizza delivered just after the stopwatch displays 30 but once in THE CAB… appointments, deadlines or new recruits are rarely missed. Taking you from the remote corners and the hinterland to IBM, Accenture, Adobe, Iiyogi, Wipro, HCL, Convergys to name just a few. How could I forget the clash of cultures…Spendthrift, showoff Punjabis, rustic Haryanvis, Jats and their ire against caste favoritism from Rajasthan, been there done that from high above sea level Pahadis (No disrespect to Mahi, Second in command to saada demi god Sachin) Bhaiyas from U.P or the rickshaw pullers from Bihar, each and everyone bringing their own beliefs, mannerisms and dialect to try to outdo their neighbors, have a one up man ship session with friends, outpace a colleague in the office or just be better off from where they started. “Aalo ji break, Break da v koi tarika Honda hai” remember the hefty sardar from the kit kat commercial? Hyundai i10, married repenting by the way he’s trying to crunch that previous morsel sitting in the car, windows rolled up, the thermostat in place or so I assume waiting for the light to go green…touchwood. The rains have put a damper to the festive atmosphere by soaking it of dryness what with potholes spread across town in a race against time, before you know it Talkatora indoor swimming arena, adjoining park filled with construction material…cant play today….Ah well, back to bapu in black.

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