Lost on Vacation

Malana, Travels

Friends from college, booze stacked up, comfortable SUV’s, headed towards pristine surroundings & you thought it couldn’t get any better? right?….. Hold on…Still sometime before leaving for office so I’ll try and pen it down. Off course circumstances don’t really help matters what with the hair refusing to let go or is it the other way around….for the record, no blasphemy intended Jolls Pa. Started on a wicked note having hardly slept for 36 hours but the saving grace was a touchdown at Jats place with Singh & Anuj in attendance…The first question that pops up, “Bhaisaab ye chal kya raha hai ” followed by an apt reply…”Le sardar khana kha, tujhe khane ki sukht zaroorat hai.”Challo jee kafila on a roll after some food and banter towards Indraprastha Metro station to pick up partners in crime Rusti, Jolls and Arjun. Wish there was a stage rather than 4 wheels cos it was a laugh riot with Rusti & Jolls holding court and verbal volleys flying too and fro. Tried keeping up by staying awake but trust the drifter to do the needful, lo & behold, before one can go achhooo…the party was complete with the man in charge holding forth Jindal. Wish there was a background shehnai to accompany the last sentence 😀 Seriously, wouldn’t have been possible without the status updates and posts, not to mention the initiative itself. “Such mein, itna kucch kiya tune hamare liye, What say Tau;)” There was no dress code mentioned but was pleasantly surprised with the Santa Topis as accompaniments, needless to add Endeavor and Scorpio were the only things holding us back. So the first stopover was Sundernagar or was it? Can’t really recollect what with the Black Label and Christmas Carrols such as, “Purani jeans aur guitar mohalle ke bus….” or for that matter “Urvasi Urvasi take it easy policy” Between a stupor and cacophonic dialogues, reached Johnson’s Lodge in Manali which is a must recommend for anyone reading this. Couldn’t have asked for a better start to the next day with an English breakfast for starters which was reminiscent of Taj Goa, pity appetite was in the negative but palate was more than satisfied. Surroundings with parents used to be mall road and gawking at strangers but the lure of Malana couldn’t have been missed. The trek to Parvati Valley, being beaten by couples and ladies climbing or descending doing their daily chores that included lifting humongous logs, kids frolicking as if it was their own playground, streams or “jhurne” for fresh water, entire village at an altitude without any terrace farms in sight, not to mention way too far away from the honky-tonk rigmarole of the city was beyond comparison. Climbing down in the night was not possible but the sleepover was something to look back on. Everyone returned to the lodge from Bhuntur and Rohtang pass to celebrate Christmas together. Thank goodness for the price of diesel compared to airfares. Just couldn’t differentiate between my right and left for the rest of the journey but was glad to reach Delhi with the fog keeping the visibility to inches. Calling all TSA’s. Till next time. Peace Out

Malana, Travels
Camaraderie, Bonhomie
PS-Any takers for Govt. and Privacy on a micro level?

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