Time Pasta

What’s the difference between hunger and appetite? Hunger for me encompasses everything that I could get my hands on(Tongue firmly in cheek) and appetite would be in relation to the palate. Inspiration was never really an issue because I was born in a house where stories are cooked and concocted according to whims and fancies, not to belittle your contribution Ma Pa:) So when mum said, “Son of all the nutritious foodstuff, why opt for pasta?” that was all the inspiration I needed. Needless to add when I did follow a recipe on the net to the ‘T’ the only flaw in the end product was the one instruction that was missing so here’s to the fall in line ilk like myself.

Trouble as mum rightly pointed out was that pasta is a bit too refined for the taste buds or put more succinctly, “beta, nira maida hota hai ” so make sure to add as many veggies as possible and stack up on water through a dispenser, bottle, ice tray or add Isabgol(laxative) to the ingredients if you decide to get ‘cocky.’
You can be mechanical to a fault with pasta because as soon as you get your hands on it, add water so that it dissolves and bring it to a boil with a generous amount of salt. Keep it aside for later or till the time the others are ready to be added.
Now comes the hard part to digest, putting veggies and not flesh when you know you’re short on the water content or it’s just roughage that your body needs? Add as much as you like because you really can’t differentiate with the colour green unless you go by the shade. Spring onions checked, lots of tomatoes checked, cabbage checked, garlic and ginger just to ease out the flatulence and in honouring traditions, lots of Olive oil to put it all together to fry in a pan. As much as it’s painstakingly slow you know you have the end product waiting so keep stirring till you can’t keep up with the teachings of Mr Miyagi,”Wax on , Wax off, Right a circle, Left a circle, Concentrate Daniel son” Do I really need to mention the colour that you need to look for?
Now get your hands on butter, cream, ghee, oil for cost-cutting and put all the ingredients to dry in a melting pot. This time though, felt the pasta should be more like Maggi so in order to increase the water content and in honour of Silvio Berlusconi’s ‘parcels’ add Real fruit juice preferably pomegranate, and every salad dressing and sauce that you could lay your hands on or ones that are in the house for eg. thousand island, capsico, mayonnaise to make it bountiful, the dish ie.
Don’t forget to keep stirring so that the amalgamation can take shape with all the flavours being absorbed, makes me the biggest hypocrite having written the previous statement. You can pour out helpings according to the junta and off course the dish is served.
Ps- 1) Dedicated to the victims of Japan
2) Don’t know where I’m ‘headed’ but feels good having just equated food with the waist down
3) Do wash the vegetables before adding them.

4) Dedicated to ‘Sheneel’ the pup who did not see it coming

Cooking Pasta in a humorous light

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