T-20 or Sum1

One night stand

One of the advantages of being left or right brained is that one can be ambidextrous which is why I will always be grateful to my Nani who was the first to suggest that I should bat left-handed. Since the time I started batting and represented various teams it always gave me an extra edge because I opened and was a south paw. In today’s day and age it is ironic that cricket has morphed into fast forward and seems that the romance has gone away from the gentleman’s game. Gone are the delicate glances, late cuts, the silken cover drives or the elaborate postures after every defensive stroke, instead, one can watch bang bang, franchises jostling for eye balls, players looking for the extra moolah, boundaries being taken for granted and the spectator at a loss for entertainment. It still hasn’t given rise to one stroke wonders but the entire planning that would probably go into a run chase or setting up a target in the longer formats is whittled down to hara kiri. The best of players are seldom given time to think before they commit themselves. Watch it like a one night stand and come out with the dhobi’s itch. Suffice to say that this four hour razzmatazz is no different from quickies or to be politically correct, transactions with no strings attached.

Sure, like any self respecting man I’d want to put it as such but what if you’re asked “haven’t you taken a girl home on a weekend?”It was comforting since the question was put forth by a VJ and I was not on the line answering it. But it stuck for some weird reason so let me break it down for my own good and for the record, there are no ego hassles. See her once, she oozes sexuality, a second time , a third and you have no option but to let go. Get back to your senses, muster some courage in your comfort zone, put on the make believe, think of a one liner and before you know it there she is again, it might be a naughty glance, an elbow away from the rib cage and it’s a whole new ball game by bringing in different shades of grey. The suit, the saree, the matching blouse or the intricate patterns in contrast to the kameez or it might be the epitome of western wear or thereabouts, the jeans and you know you have a treasure trove to go after in the city of seven islands. A conversation and a phone number later you know you’re on the right track even if it is the age of social networking. Now here is the quandary….Do sms’es and banter still qualify as Q.T(quality time) or batting????Huuugh…. exhale,exultation, expectation because the night finally arrives when it is about spending(pun unintended) time after dinner.

Climb a flight of stairs and it gives just the right amount of warm up needed for tonight’s trapeze artist. Forget the coffee or any aphrodisiacs weren’t we born for this? Touch rusty so need to get the hang of the bra strap and animal instincts to the fore. There is no bigger turn on then to feel flesh, run out of spots where the mouth can be used and finally you enter whole heartedly even if it is a bit clumsy. Your entire attention should be on the eyes but you have to wander below the neckline, now wait a minute  I don’t want to come so soon….Lets keep some distance, and yes she does acknowledge the same…Thirsty all this while for thrust, forget the leverage, to the moon and back not to let go but for more. Bodies are sweaty, the bed sheet has taken a toll, even the creaking of the bed is not a deterrent, you start to multi task, think of cricket to prolong it leaving no stone unturned for tomorrow and it is a first. Now why wait for the second innings when both players are competing with all that they have, let’s add some colour and taste so that one can have some after effects. A little splash of chocolate syrup, forget the brand as long as it’s dark brown and tastes sweet and spread out from where we started, homo-sapiens on all fours and enter from the back. My new found ego had completely forgotten about the hind or what got me hooked in the first place besides, it does not require any distraction because the moment is in front of you to concentrate all energies. Notice the locks, admiration in a whole new frenzy, effort is the black penny of sounds that can only be between the individuals concerned and the walls. Not to mention that the vocal chords make you stop thinking, the palms are all sticky and you can only juxtapose with a local train. Time stands still or just forget about the performance vector because the ultimate desire is to make her come and one can only go on batting for a stipulated period only, it wasn’t a test match, you know? Yes it is the second installment that has taken it’s toll so lie down without any brouhaha and
feel the telepathy making wonders. The wry smile says it all and the sweat is testimony to all that is before.

It is the humble abode or her prerogative with first rights to the bathroom but in this case both parties are equally deserving for some fresh water. Never thought cooling down would ever be possible in such a scenario, still, go with the flow. Sleep is all encompassing and nothing else matters for tomorrow is another day. The look that I see on getting up is what defines the night gone by and the sun shines.
PS-Got wood????
Burn some..
Gimme the ashes
I’ll wash my hands

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