Biryani Cartland

Go to a restaurant but it’s not there on the menu even though you can order, can’t talk about it for fear of inviting the ire of the mob, savour you can, cant fend against anger but kill you must for nothing comes cheaper, transport all crammed together when alive and sick, doesn’t make a difference for nothing changes on cutting. This isn’t a post on a festival, hope you have the intestines to digest a cow.

Cow vigilantes, holy cow
Beef Biryani

Jogging back did recollect seeing an abatoir while travelling up north via an express in Haryana with carcasses piled up at least 2 storeys high spread across an area as big as a tennis court. No I am not orthodox because beef biryani was my staple for quite a while and even though the meat is coarse and hard to break down my belching has put me on a different course. It is said that millions of deities reside in a cow and is a sacred animal, it’s milk and I admit having had it is high on protein with fat down to a minimum which makes it suitable for an extreme climate, priests do not go about their daily chores if they fail to get a cow’s urine or ‘moot’ and farmers have domesticated cows since time immemorial to till the soil. Now imagine yourself on an empty stomach and hunger does make you desperate to not just gobble anything on your plate but do anything in your power to alleviate it. What if you had more than one stomach? A cow has four. That just tells me that the animal got a bit too big for my boots. I have an interesting hypothesis about the clash of    civilizations :-Are we getting too influenced by the west or have we forgotten our roots? Maybe it was the cow which brought about the differences in the first place. Why? As I said earlier and I would reiterate it at this point, cold climates being extremely cold so humans needed to stack up on proteins and cows had to be reared on farms while cows became less in number due to extreme weather conditions where it was hot and dry. Goes without saying that this did not result in a handshake. Am I one for ceremonies and rituals, world peace, rights of animals or indeed their betterment, this isn’t a popularity contest so just let them be. Haven’t you kept me in the open?
PS- Don’t want to get b/w you and dad, mom, so keep me out of the loop.
I pray that a cow does not come between me and god

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