If Only I could…

Hi guys!! First & foremost Eid Mubarak to you and your loved ones, also celebrating the fact that Kidambi Srikanth has done India proud in badminton(pity Facebook doesn’t have an emoji for the sport) by winning the Australian Open Super Series by beating the Olympic Champion Chen Long in the finals.

Getting back to why I’m writing the post is because haven’t written for a long time and wanted to share something interesting. Remember how I have always harped about choosing a hobby as your profession by following your dreams so that you are driven by passion and enjoy what you do at the end of the day, right? DU(Delhi University) has just announced it’s cut off list and there is a mad rush for colleges, students thinking about professional courses, diplomas, vocational courses and what not. I too struggled in my time when I cleared my schooling so I dropped an year to prepare for my medical entrance exams and as luck would have it, at the end of it, I took admission in Manipal University and am an Electrical & Electronics Engineer today thanks to my spiritual Guru Dr. HRK. I went day before yesterday to get my full arm tattooed at a studio in west Delhi because I wanted to share my life experiences through the art. 
I met Arun, the tattoo artist, and spent an hour with him explaining my idea and what expectations I had from him. I heard his story as well and he dropped out after 10th from school, finished with his schooling in 2013 and completed his graduation in B.A Honours(Political Science) from the school of Open Learning or correspondence. Please don’t read this as a comparison of him and me but look from the perspective I intend to. Arun is only 23 and fell in love with tattoos because he was going out with a girl and tattooed their initials for a start. When he was getting it done, he fell in love with the process and decided then & there that this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. His studio is half an hour’s drive from my place and it is nicely done with flowers painted on one side and on the opposite side are the seven “chakras” of the human body. He started out an year back and has plans to do his apprenticeship from Canada for two years under a renowned studio and then come back to India & expand his business. One of my cousins completed his Hotel Management and there are still 3 months left before his employment begins so rather than sitting idle, he has started being productive by forming a group of three of his friends and opening a baking delivery service through Facebook.
My intention is this guys, don’t loose hope, there are other avenues that you can work towards if you could not enroll in medicine, engineering, business administration etc there are other options on the horizon. Education is very important for all of us because it gives us a base to build on and provides an interest where we can plan for the Future to be independent individuals at the end of the day. Work hard towards your goals, don’t sit idle and depend on your parents alone, have the power of conviction for your dreams and you will see that eventually there is light at the end of the tunnel.”God helps those who help themselves.”
I have also started a service at the weekends at my office where I sit with a Psychologist to council students about where they are headed and what do they see for themselves going forward. If you have a lack of options, are down and out, are confused? do drop a line to fix an appointment and I will revert within 4 business days.
Ps- Apologies for writing after a long gap because Dad wasn’t feeling well but will make a concerted effort of sharing my thoughts on a regular basis.

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