Married & Living it(So Far)

What’s the right married age? I have a younger brother who married 3 years before me even though there is a difference of just a year between us. I finally got married in 2016 after trying for five years through social acquaintances,’s efforts since the beginning) and Mom’s efforts on the latter 2 years)

Arranged Marriage
Just Married

My dad told me once when I was going for an outing(Lost on Vacation if you’ve been following me) with Ankur and the rest of the college gang, “Son, tell Ankur to get married or he’ll go crazy in the midst of outings with you guys.” Little knowing that it would ring true for me because I ran away from my house in 2011 July since I had suicidal thoughts(Follow the blog for updates). Anyways, once I was found in a shriveled state there was an urgency by my parents to get me hooked sooner rather than later since I was already 30. Initially I had it coming, pun intended, through Jeevansathi but wasn’t heading anywhere close to being hitched. Used to go with no expectations, try & develop a friendly rapport, be courteous, sometimes with the girl’s parents in tow in a formal setting but no luck. There was a learning & an eerie realization when I met girls that except for the first Punjabi Kudi none of them were hot in the conventional term but having been shortlisted by my parents I carried along with the looks barometer taking a back seat.
Time rolled on, so decided to take a paid profile and then there was a steady stream of prospective alliances. One of the girls in question told me, “I worked in a call center for seven months and eventually saved on cash to meet my friend in England” or “I used to drink but I overdid it & spoilt my liver so can’t do it anymore.” I am not trying to belittle them because I wanted a working woman and they were all accomplished in their fields  Push came to a shove when my brother got married in 2013 but still no luck. Bro tells me ,”The reason why you’re not getting married is cos you’re going bald!” So I got a hair job done by putting in 35k. Once I got rejected after talking to a girl for 4 months on the phone, meeting her thrice in Mumbai & Delhi when time permitted but then she said,” you’re not the same person I talk to on the phone.” Agreed, maybe it was my anti psychotic dosage kicking in every time that prevented me from crossing the last hurdle. I was planning on spending my life as a singleton when came across hope eventually through Shraddha, my wife, Ph. D, Sikh, Jatni based out of Nagpur, working for the University of Washington in Vardha(town close to Nagpur, Maharashtra). We talked on the phone for a month & met in Mumbai and agreed in the first meeting itself that we wanted to marry each other. After she said yes, I told her I was Bi polar, on anti psychotic pills since I ran away from my house, completed my engineering in 7 years when it has to be four but she didn’t budge and we married in July 2016 and have a son. It’s been five years since I wrote a blog, hope to keep it coming.
Ps- My wife likes me with the dead hair, she doesn’t want me to go bald…

Arranged Marriage
No bad hair day

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