Eye Candy

Jacob Dylan, Jared Leto, Carlos Moya, Cristiano Ronaldo, Fernando Verdasco, one of my colleagues who is a young guy…no qualm in admitting my boy crushes even while I stare at him playing TT right now. Somehow at ease with my own sexuality after my marriage and being a father. Not to mention my wife’s insecurities if I were to discuss hot chicks. This definitely feels something which is a lot more adventurous and something that involves mystique.

Tending to be gay, Choice not chance
Fernando Verdasco

Never can relate love to the same gender having been brought up in a household where my parents were working and both were and continue to be headstrong individuals. I asked my Mom when I was 11, “Mom, who is a lesbian?” having heard Martina Navratilova being called one. We continue to remain, prudes, as sex is a no go area but I don’t think it would remain so, in the long run, considering the kind of exposure that generation X is getting. It is a fact that the next generation is always going to be 10 steps ahead of the previous generation.

A case in point being the vociferous and in your face LGBT community gaining credence and prominence by highlighting India’s archaic laws by coming out of the closet with their sexuality on the streets. No disrespect intended but I am a firm believer in intercourse between consenting adults is just that. No trespassing allowed. I am fine as long as no one tries to “hit” on me.


Homophobic through and through, can’t justify the dichotomy but I do admit the thought that crossed my mind when I surrendered saying if I ever became gay then it would have to be him( can’t disclose). Just a passing thought but something I identify with because it is about choice not chance.

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