Straight Leg

I can do without food for three days but not without my jeans especially when the dress code in office is casual on a daily basis or for that matter an outing. The earliest memory that I have about my fascination for denim is when I was a school kid and at the beginning of a new academic year, had to go to buy uniforms when the elderly salesman was perplexed after I had rejected four different school trousers and  asked,” Aap sirf jeans he pehente ho na?”(You only wear jeans, don’t you?) and you might think that this would wean off with the passage of time right? Circa a few years down the line in my early twenties when I was in college and did not know the reason why I had rashes all over my legs and eventually realized that I hadn’t washed my jeans for two months!!! I swear by my jeans and would make it the quintessential dress code if I had my way.

Straight Leg, denim, jeans, GAP, recycled denim

The material oozes confidence and comfort at the same time and what I believe would never go out of fashion and is something that individuals make their wardrobes around. Jeans are rugged, robust, exude strength, versatile, flexible, durable and are worth every penny. It never pinches me even if my budget goes overboard by a grand as long as the fit is right which could be different styles such as anti-fit, straight leg, Texas, skinny, ripped and faded. Something that I have a hard time identifying with is the fascination for ripped or faded pairs because am a firm believer with the passage of time, the look that you crave or the lack of it would eventually show through and there shouldn’t be any need for shortcuts. Then again, to each his own. My personal favourite is GAP and something that I have graduated from the likes of Wrangler and Lee. Recently went to Select City Walk in Saket, Delhi and was disappointed that they did not have a single pair of my size that was a straight leg with faded jeans being the norm nowadays.

A whole new ball game is the tendency to recycle denim with Do It Yourself projects and the choices are as varied as coasters, wine bags, flower pot covers, baby bibs, magazine racks or baskets.

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