Till divorce do us apart

Diwali brings with it its own set of crazies, pollution, relatives, celebrations and the owning up of faults to begin anew with a clean slate. I have had some fights with my better half but the last one climaxed after four days of hankering, the filthiest abuses, not talking till we finally realized that we had to let the occasion get the better of us.

Big fight, divorce, patch up, Diwali
Three’s Company

I have seen and learnt from my parents that I will live my life on my own terms and to quote Kurt Cobain from his suicide note,” It’s better to burn out than to fade away” which is why since the first day that we tied the knot I have been open to divorce as much as to marriage. Sure, my boy Perke complicates matters but am willing to let go of everything to maintain my decency and sanctity.
Every weekend brought it’s trials and tribulations because my wife believes that I am not productive towards the house or towards the upbringing and upkeep of my son. My retort was that as much as possible I will do to the best of my abilities but cannot fulfill or make up for a mother’s contribution. Perke is not even six months old but accompanies Shraddha every day to the office because she believes that she would be in a better position to handle him under her nose and all hell breaks loose with the constant bickering and nagging because she wants me to handle Perke for an entire day to impress her. I confess, neither was I in a relationship with a girl but that wasn’t for a lack of trying given the innumerable crushes, one-sided affairs that had to let go nor am I commitment phobic. But that doesn’t mean I am less capable or wouldn’t be able to come to grips with marriage. Just because Shraddha is my wife doesn’t mean that I have to behave a particular manner or be formal to impress her which again doesn’t make me an M.C.P (Male Chauvinist Pig) by default. When push came to a shove, I stood my ground and offered the most explicit narrative which followed moratorium for the next 96 hours and a lot of deliberations with a friend and family whereas Shraddha had a word with my sister in law. Perke if you read this growing up then I will have my divorce papers signed within a year and if it has to end then it would depend on your mother on how far she intends to go and what she wants other than you.

Gone are the days grinding it out with a mortar and pestle and am willing to leave it all behind because life is too short to persevere with an everlasting bliss and they lived happily ever after. Shraddha I have four words for you:- So far so good.

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