13 Hours

One of the incentives of getting Amazon Firestick along with a subscription of Amazon Prime is that there are a plethora of options for your viewing pleasure depending on your comfort and convenience and which is why I write today. This is about the movie, 13 Hours, which is directed by Michael Bay who is better known for his role as a producer for The Transformers franchise and several other notable credits on films and television which also includes Armageddon, the movie, starring Ben Affleck, Bruce Willis and the ravishing Liv Tyler, not to mention the contribution of Aerosmith with the unforgettable ballad,”I don’t wanna miss a thing”. The reason why I harp on this is that there is some nostalgia involved with it. I entered a western singing competition in 2001 in college and practised the song all night long in my flat(can’t imagine what my neighbours went through) and never bothered showing up the next day.

Michael Bay, 13 hours, action
13 Hours

Anyways, back to the movie. It’s about six elite ex-military soldiers of the U.S who are sent to guard a classified CIA base in Libya after the fall of the dictator Muammar Gaddafi and the entire country in turmoil and complete anarchy. There is a dichotomy in the storyline because this is a covert operation for the soldiers juxtaposed with the “official” CIA doing what it does best and underpins the fact that in lawless lands far and wide, even the U.S is fallible in terms of its decision-making capabilities. Eventually, it is all about the brouhaha and the gung-ho attitude of the soldiers against all odds which is the saving grace of the movie because it is all about the action junkies. The fight scenes and combat sequences are realistic which is why Hollywood enjoys the kind of following it does. My previous blog was a Bollywood or Hindi movie review and it is as different from chalk and cheese not just in terms of the storyline.

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