War Dogs

This movie review is brought to you by T.P Inc. or time pass incorporated because it is just not about two good buddies but to actually think of it, that something of this sort actually happened and the guys lived to tell the tale. War Dogs stars Jonah Hill and Miles Teller and is directed by Todd Phillips of The Hangover fame. It is about two friends who are awarded a contract of $300 million by the Pentagon to arm the U.S allies in Afghanistan.

Movie review
War Dogs

The portrayals by the ensemble star cast are top drawer and the viewer is drawn into the whirlwind journey from Miami beach to Albania. For extra razzmattazz, we have Bradley Cooper as an arms dealer par excellence and the twenty-something protagonists get way beyond their capabilities especially once they are awarded the contract. The story is novel and provides an added incentive to watch it since it begs the question “what if?”Picture this, contrast Bush Jr harping about weapons of mass destruction with the mightiest army awarding a contract to two novices driving through “the triangle of death” in Fallujah, Iraq with a truckload of pistols for the U.S army. Thank goodness for the right to information and the New York Times.

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