Magical realism, Medellin Cartel, Cali Cartel, Cocaine, Cash and violence and loads of it. Narcos and Netflix were made for each other. My second T.V has become redundant because Netflix and Alexa take precedence over T.V programming. Netflix, if only, needs to increase their titles to be effective as a force in India but this is about Narcos, the Netflix best-seller which is why I write this. Not since Breaking Bad have I come across a more ‘hard hitting’ and engaging series given my proclivities.

Wagner Moura, Pedro Pascal, Boyd Halbrook, Pablo Escobar, Cocaine, Netflix

This is the life and times of the greatest drug lord that ever existed on this planet and what a mockery he made of the system and the judiciary spawning utter anarchy transcending boundaries and almost getting the U.S to it’s knees. Wagner Moura is top notch as his depiction of the drug lord by defining for the Police in the first episode itself,”Plata o Plomo”(Silver or Lead). The star cast also includes Federal agents played by Pedro Pascal and Boyd Holbrook, giving ample proof to the adage by Hugh Laurie in his acceptance speech at an awards night that,”we are only as good as what we get.”
This is a sure shot success because any combination involving drugs, violence and the law as a by-product will grab eye balls. The only draw back is that the conversations that happen are primarily in Spanish which gives it realism and authentication but falls short of admiring the nuances in the picturization. Not one episode goes by where you could fault the creators for a lack of action which keeps you engrossed. The fact that it is based on real events adds to the charm.
Much recommended if you’re looking to pep things up.

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