Tomorrow is another day

I recently changed jobs and to conceal my own identity and my colleagues, I will change the names of the organization and persons to be on the safe side. This all happened in the last two months which is why I have been irregular in terms of sharing on this blog. Getting a call centre job can only mean two things:

1. An act of desperation because of a lack of options.
2. You are young and you want cash to burn.
For me, it was the former. But God was kind and I got through an IT firm wherein I had to work from five in the evening until two in the morning. During this ‘passage’ you will realize that that was hardly the case.


I started my stint as a Sales Manager handling domestic accounts and data mining and training for bigger accounts in the International market. We had morning shift during the early phase but ten days down the line, I was called for an interview for the Client Servicing department wherein I would be the interface between the programmers and the eventual client and my responsibilities would include account management, upselling, renewals, retention and so on. I got through and I had to report to Nandan Das who was the head of the department and also the right-hand man of the owner Chand Prakash. I admit wholeheartedly that Nandan is one of the finest brains I have come across considering he was handling the jobs of four people at the same time and was good not only because he was 23 but also because he had an MBA to boot.

Till this day, I haven’t had more than a single day of training for a couple of hours and Nandan started gradually involving me in the fold by working 16-17 hours a day wherein I was getting back with only three hours of sleep. Not that I am cribbing but it is a fact. One fine day, I took an exception for coming two hours late because I had to recuperate due to lack of sleep. Another exception was just another week later following the same process because my maternal grandmother died at 78 who was close to me, would be an understatement of the decade. Anyways, I wanted to immerse myself in my job so that I would not think about the demise. Later, Nand tells me that I had to be his eyes and ears on the floor in order to find out who is backstabbing him and the organization which I refused since I am not the type of person. It was the Christmas weekend and it was a Monday after three holidays and Nand calls me at eleven  in the morning, “You need to be here.” I replied, “I am on my way” and reached at 12:32pm considering I was thirty km away and had to bathe and eat before leaving. During the course of the training in a chamber, Nand catches me yawning, once, followed by another yawn when he tells me, “you are not serious, go back”
I replied, “Fuck you man” considering the times that we had spent as colleagues and built a rapport in a jovial manner wherein he tells me that he’s already told me all I needed to know and I had to start working. I went to the floor to find that none of the trainees was around so I turned back and confronted Nand that I would be sleeping till five in the evening which was my reporting time and only then would I start and he should wake me up if he could.
At 4:30, I turned up downstairs to find Chand Prakash already in and I said,”Chand, take this as an explanation or an escalation but I did not like the way Nand talked to me about and it is between you and him.” I overheard them talking amonst themselves considering I was only five away and I interjected that I had yawned twice followed by,”Chand, I do not give a shit, I do not give a fuck.”
I did not turn up the next ten days but realized that I had a lot more to loose professionally so decided to try again. Nand was courteous and the HR lent an ear and I was back in Sales.
Somebody rightly pointed out,”You’re only as good as your last day at work” so tomorrow is another day…

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