This is an obituary of my maternal grandmother or Nani who passed away on the eighteenth of December 2017 in the morning and what she means to me. The reason why I write this is because I want to celebrate her life than mourn her death and I truly believe that she lived a life to the fullest and she is in a better place than she was considering her last few days were spent in the hospital with a ventilator and she fought as much as she could to stay on this planet.

Nani, obituary

The third week of December is something that affects us as a family considering Darji(grandfather) and Biji(grandmother) died in the same week ten years apart. The tradition in Delhi is that you can barely spare time with your neighbors let alone your relatives as is customary in any metropolitan city in this world so we remember our relatives just before Diwali when we personally deliver gifts and indulge in some gambling. Nani was not just another relative but more of an extended family and even though the differences between mom and dad with respect to Nani were profound, it was mandatory for us right since childhood to pay Nani a visit as and when we could for unbridled love and affection all through out. Nani was ambidextrous which is why I developed the habit of batting left-handed when I played cricket as a left hand opening batsman for school and college. I remeber Nani was the only one who encouraged me to bat that way. I identify a lot more with my maternal antecedents than my paternal and Nani was a big part of who I am today. Typical of Punjabi households, Nani always gave us cash when we visited her house for no rhyme or reason and it was always a lavish spread when it was time to eat. She was a headstrong independent woman who had a career as a teacher and eventually retired as a Headmistress of S.S Mota Singh School.
I hope and pray that she will continue to live on through us and I would be able to lead my life based on her guiding principals and her persona. Nani I will always miss, love and respect you forever.

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