Fifa World Cup 2018 Russia

The first post that I ever wrote was about the World Cup in 1994 and we’re banging in the middle of another one with the start of the round of 16 and what a cracker of a game it was!!! Commiserations to the Argentinians, two assists by Messi but it wasn’t meant to be. Allez Les Bleus! I’d also like to point out the fact that I am writing after a long time due to a combination of factors such as heavy workload, obsession with Netflix content(movies or otherwise) and my collection of best-sellers.

Right now, ‘watching’ Uruguay V Portugal as I write with Cavani scoring in the seventh minute with a sumptuous cross from Louis Suarez. The raging debate amongst football circles is who is G.O.A.T or “The Greatest of All Time” with the two protagonists being Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.  More seriously, even though my preferences lie with Messi, there is no shame in admitting that Ronaldo is as good if not better and he also has a goatee to drive home the point being the character that he is.  As far as my football understanding goes, I am pretty sure, the two of them would never be in the pantheons of greats a.k.a Pele and Maradona considering they have not won a world cup yet.

My first world cup was Italia ’90 final where I didn’t understand much considering my eternal favourites, Brazil, were not playing and I saw Maradona sobbing on giving away a penalty in the final and eventually losing. Started following religiously circa 1994 and have been hooked on ever since. If the selecao is what has remained a constant than a second nation that I am rooting for is England but the English never cease to disappoint, always managing to go out whether, on penalties, red cards or just plain football, you can take your pick. The advent of the premier league in India since the turn of the millennium has given me further impetus to support them but let’s see. To be on the lighter side I’d much rather discuss the hotness quotient of their partners than discuss footballing prowess.

Fifa is rolling in the moolah with an estimated earning of 3.9 billion dollars from the organization until the closing ceremony and plaudits also have to be given to Russia and Gianni Infantino for being such impeccable hosts which reminds me of the only anomaly that I can think of. As present hosts, Russia and the next hosts, Qatar, would never be a part of the footballing extravaganza since they are not good enough to qualify which also goes to show that economic clout of nations takes precedence over football. Consider the U.S, Mexico and Canada as tri-hosts for the 2026 World Cup. I do not want to crib, whinge and whine ala Francesco Totti while playing so let me just go ahead and enjoy. May the best team win.

Fifa World Cup 2018, Russia, Brazil, England, Football
Fifa World Cup 2018, Russia


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