Laissez Affair

There are seldom instances in my life that I look back on and regret but given my average Joe looks and the disproportionate vibes I am getting from all the ladies and sundry, I have begun to wander and wonder at the same time. Sure, being married keeps me grounded and is par for the course every time I get back from work but I’d like a peek into the unknown in my Nostradamus shoes.

Extra-marital affair, Office Affair, Married
Laissez Affair

Needless to add that it is every man’s eternal desire and want to get in a woman’s, lady’s or girl’s pants with no strings attached. It is not an everyday occurrence that you get a promiscuous girl like that and so the gossip caught on like wildfire that the lady in question was doing it in the parking lot with a married man and he, in turn, did not leave any stone unturned to add fuel to the fire by proclaiming she adores sex, she likes to take it anal and there is not a single strand of hair anywhere because she “waxes” eloquently. Forget the ants in the pants for a second because what gets every other(pun intended) man’s goat is when he knows that she likes to spread her legs with anybody. Now, there was no stopping my tangents and for the last couple of days, she was a constant companion in my thoughts and it was overbearing. My imagination went to such an extent that I could foresee her doing it with everybody in the office and I am the last man standing. What a predicament!

Never have I participated in the frolicking but have instead enjoyed all the gossip associated with it and so is the case this time as well. In fact, I passed it onto my better half and she came up with an instant but stern reply without blinking an eyelid and she said, “Sochna bhi mut(Don’t even think about it) !” which brought me back to square one. There’s many a slip between the cup and the lip so I won’t jump the gun with a proclamation or two but instead post an update on my confessional tale again.
Ps- With the Supreme Court passing a judgement that adultery by a woman doesn’t constitute a crime, the office is my playground or did I say too much? Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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