Safe House

Safe House is your quintessential Hollywood potboiler replete with an all-star star cast, heavy action at a fast-paced clip. This is about Matt Weston(Ryan Reynolds) manning a safe house in South Africa when a wanted ex-spy Tobin Frost(Denzel Washington) is brought in and how they have to save themselves from mercenaries till they get to the next safe destination. One time watch, period.

Ryan Reynolds, Denzel Washington, Safe House, CIA
Safe House

The characterization is slick going with the theme that if you work for the CIA then you need to have the brains and the brawn. Interesting storyline and acting which is par for the course for an actor of the calibre of Denzel Washington while Ryan Reynolds in his pre-Deadpool avatar ekes out a decent portrayal or just about manages to hold his own. The direction by Daniel Espinosa justifies the film’s billing while the locales in South Africa add to to the chutzpah. Another one from the stable of Netflix but my only grouse is why can’t we get something more contemporary and recent. Why the lag of six years?

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