The Resistance Banker

This is another addition in the Netflix fold in recent times where the audience at large is gifted a plethora of options in terms of world cinema. This film is a true story of the Dutch resistance against the Nazi occupation in which a large part was played by the Van Hall brothers by running an undercover banking operation for funding purposes. The story is well told and is ably supported by the lead cast and it is a one time watch for sure.

Dutch Resistance in World War Two, Undercover Banking Operation, Nazi
The Resistance Banker

The story is set in The Netherlands and the characters speak in Dutch but their inexperience or lack of popularity is hardly noticed given their able performances. Holocaust as a subject has given us innumerable stories such as Schindler’s List, Life is Beautiful, The Pianist, Waltz With Bashir, Defiance etc. of courage and fortitude gave the odds at the time. The period in question is created with aplomb and there is a sense of realism in the portrayal. Even though the story is real, it took the Dutch a long time to eventually recognize the heroes(Van Hall brothers) of the war. A story well told and something I would recommend to my audience. Don’t go expecting the moon and you won’t be disappointed.

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