Century and Counting

Ta Ta Tara, Ta Ta Tara… Couldn’t have come up with a better rendition than to celebrate my century of posts with Fall Out Boy’s cover of Suzanne Vega’s Tom’s Diner by the name of Century for a more contemporary feel. Been writing blogs since 2010 and boy has it taken a long time coming for me to accomplish 100 posts. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then so to speak. If you’ve been following my blog then you’d know what I’m talking about. Let me rewind. Running away from the house for 54 days, the curse of the Olimelt and other antipsychotic drugs, not doing too well in my business venture and then eventually getting caught in the rat race. Hopefully, the next 100 would be a breeze in comparison because blogging gives a vent to my creative juices and even when I advertised my blog on Google and was spending from my own pocket for people to read the blog, not once did I repent or had second thoughts because when you are creating something, the mass adulation and the liking of your work is secondary. More importantly, it is about trying to reach the widest audience, not for acceptance but to know and realize the power of your tool and utilize it for the better across boundaries and timelines. This reminds me of the dialogue in Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility” or you can tweak 50 Cent’s album name by stating “Get busy or Die trying.”

Century, Suzanne Vega-Tom's Diner, Fall Out Boy- Century, 50 Cent, 100 Blog Posts
Fall Out Boy-Century

At the cost of sounding philosophical, being opinionated also helps with a gift of the gab to hold forth on varied topics and without sounding pompous, justify. Worse case scenario could be something to leave my child to remember me by and learn from my writings or the freedom to express the wholeheartedly. Ultimately, this is what matters, the family is what binds us and that is what we live for. The rest is secondary. Within a few years, I would be staring at my mid-life crisis or a whole new existential ball game but like my Dad likes to say,” Life is not what it should be, life is what it is”

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