Project Tattoo

It all started one night in a call centre when one of my friends started talking about his cousin who was a tattoo artist and who could do the entire arm for a pittance. There was no stopping my imagination after that because the seed had been sown and there was no turning back. I immersed myself into getting my entire arm done by first convincing my better half that it was OK while she said that it was the influence of the crowd and that I wasn’t thinking straight. One of the perks of being married is I didn’t have to bring my parents into confidence.
C'est La Vie, Tattoo, Birthday Celebration


The bicep would be my infant son’s face on a graduating man replete with coat and cap while the inner portion would depict a family tree without any names in it, more as symbolism. The forearm would have pride of place for the Manchester United Devil symbol across most of it. There would be sayings as well such as Cest La Vie(That’s Life) and Carpe Diem(Seize the Day). The arm would have a tablet to denote my life which cannot be governed without ingesting one and also the symbol for Ethereum or Ether, the cryptocurrency. Took me a good six months of diligent research and what I actually wanted and something that I wouldn’t regret for the rest of my life.
D-Day arrived which was my 36th birthday and I went to the tattoo artist’s studio in the neighbourhood who had become a good friend by that time trying to understand the reasoning and intricacies involved in what he had to deliver. Hygiene-Check; Needles-Check, Rotor-Check.
Should have been smooth sailing, right, having planned to the “T”. Not quite.
Whenever you get a tattoo done then always start with a small work so that one can gauge how the body reacts and act accordingly. So, we started with Cest La Vie but nothing in the whole wide world prepared me for the irritant pain and the process to ink took me 150 minutes which was excruciatingly slow. Not to mention the maintenance part by washing the blood off with Dettol and applying Sophramycin regularly for the next three days. Also, got up with a headache the next day and with that ended my whole arm tattoo dream because it spoiled my long weekend and I didn’t want to undergo this painstakingly laborious process.
When I think of it, I was attracted to the glamour of getting a tattoo rather than make up my mind and “get it done”. Still, no regrets, I am quite glad the way it turned out and have put a full stop to any such future plan. Lo and behold

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