The Dark Tower

The biggest advantage that Amazon Prime has over Netflix is that it caters to the masses by doling out movies with popular cast and characters and sure enough. The Dark Tower falls in that category. It has a superstar cast with Idris Elba playing Roland and Mathew McConaughey playing the Black Man. The movie is based on the Dark Tower series of novels by Stephen King and he is synonymous with eerie settings, to put it mildly.¬† I have heard so much about the novelist and the horror that he dishes out that a collection of novels that I am reading currently, Stephen King’s The Shining is the last one that I am hoping to complete considering the feedback I’ve got from people.

Idris Elba, Mathew McConaughey, Stephen King
The Dark Tower
Brace yourself since the picturization has a dark theme to it against a backdrop of a plain and simple good vs evil plot between Roland and The Black Man in order to save the world. Going by IMDB estimates, the movie was a flop since the returns even on a worldwide scale were not enough to salvage the case which is a pity since I watched it alone for the stars. Not to mention Idris Elba who might be the next Bond going by his controversial tweet after Daniel Craig which remains to be seen. However, Mr Elba has made it to the big league and this movie shouldn’t act as a spanner in the works. One time watch.

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