The Dictator

Another movie in the Amazon Prime fold is The Dictator starring the irreplaceable Sacha Baron Cohen as Aladeen/ Efawadh but frankly, I did not enjoy one bit. The movie did not elicit a single laugh or even a smirk since I am hardly into slapstick comedy and a play on puns and cliches across cultural boundaries. The plot is plain and simple wherein The Republic of Wadiya dictator Hafez Aladeen attends the UN general assembly in New York when the trip goes awry.

Sacha Baron Cohen, Republic of Wadiya, Ali G, Borat, Ben Kingsley
The Dictator

Sacha Baron Cohen is no doubt a funny man and he first made an impression with his roleplay of Ali G and I can never forget the sense of humour on display when he interviewed David and Victoria Beckham. Borat was his attempt to be on the mainstream having conquered the wits on the telly and the Dictator builds on that legacy but for me, it is a dying art form. However, my friends would beg to differ considering the majority of them swear by what is on offer in the movie and they find it genuinely funny. Really?

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