Operation Finale

This is a Netflix original film about the true story of the architect of the “Final Solution” Adolph Eichmann and how he was apprehended by Mossad agents in Buenos Aires, Argentina around 1960. Given the plot was Holocaust, the film could have been so much more but lacks in the pace and the overall effect that could have been nailed to the “T.”

Final Solution, Adolph Eichmann, Ben Kingsley, Osacar Isaac, Netflix original film
Operation Finale

This movie is in a steady stream of topics related to the Holocaust following on from The Resistance Banker and has accomplished actors led by Ben Kingsley as Adolph Eichmann who is the arch-enemy of the Mossad agent Peter Malkin played  by Oscar Isaac but the movie is badly let down by Director Chris Weitz considering the complexity of the plot, the fact that it is true and the persecution of the Jews by the Nazis has left an indelible mark on the conscious.

Turned out to be a damp squib and an opportunity lost on a sensitive topic.

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