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This post is close to my heart because it is about the dichotomy that exists in my country and the kind of current affairs that is dished out in the name of news and the complete impunity with which news channels function with utter disregard for public sensibilities and only caring about the sensationalism.

Today, I was stupefied with what was on offer on one of the Hindi news channels and couldn’t hold back.

The news was about two murders that recently took place in Mumbai because there was a paucity of toilets and a couple of unfortunate souls couldn’t make it in time.

To pee or not to pee, It happens only in India, #Blog, #Blogging, #Blogger, #HindiNews, #melodrama, #sensationalism,
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Why would anyone with a sane head on their shoulders try and portray “trying to make it to the toilet in time” and look for eyeballs and TRPs (Television Rating Points) which is exactly what a news correspondent did by showcasing that it indeed took somewhere between 15-30 minutes in a melee to make it for a dump by carrying your share of water to flush the toilet.

With all due respect to the hinterland and the not so privileged countrymen, these things are a daily occurrence for the majority and there are innumerable hardships involved but for God sake, to stoop so low for the limelight?

Travel in any major metropolitan, developed city in India and there would be plenty defecating in the open and pissing in the wind, pun unintended. Westerners have a hard time trying to reconcile with the reality but that’s the way it is. I even have another post on it, “to pee or not to pee” and how it affects the human psyche.

My intention is not to browbeat but give perspective to a real third world problem and something that I am not ashamed of. It happens only in India.

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