Outlaw King

One of the reasons for joining the Netflix bandwagon was because I wanted to be in the thick of things in terms of the content on the show which is both relevant not only for its release but also for its popularity as a worldwide audience. One of the more contemporary and compelling reasons to watch it is because a lot of the star cast is a repetition of the Game of Throne character actors and also for people more inclined to the geopolitical aspect wherein the Scotts are still wrangling with the British to cut the “umbilical cord” or Scottish independence which has been a war cry ever since the days of William Wallace, remember Braveheart and Mel Gibson?

Chris Pine, Robert The Bruce, William Wallace, Scottish independence, Prince Edward, Action, biography, drama
Outlaw King
The movie is about Robert the Bruce who declares himself the King of Scotts only to be proclaimed an offender of the British Empire and an Outlaw which begins a cat and mouse game of one-upmanship between the opposing forces and how the Scotts are able to outfox the English in a telling climax with The Battle of Loudoun in the end with Prince Edward running for cover.
The cinematography, direction, the action sequences are all top notch with an excellent performance by Chris Pine. Ever since HBO hit the jackpot with the Game of Thrones, not many instances by rivals have been worth a mention let alone compete. However, I can safely say that Outlaw King falls in the former category even though I haven’t and I won’t watch Game of Thrones, tongue firmly in cheek.

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