Good Riddance

With the attacking ethos of Manchester United in turmoil, the side languishing in the sixth place, player discord doing the rounds of the press conferences, player renewals coming up for world beaters such as De Gea, thoughts of dumping Pogba, not giving enough opportunities and confidence in grooming youngsters were some of the factors that led to Jose Mourinho’s downfall but what really took the cake was the abysmal defeat at Anfield to the arch nemesis, Liverpool which was the final nail in the coffin at the cost of sounding repetitive.

Old Trafford, Sir Alex Ferguson, Jose Mourinho, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Pogba, De gea
Manchester United

When a stalwart such as Sir Alex Ferguson or an Arsene Wenger retires, it is way beyond difficult to replicate the instantaneous philosophy of an institution that has been carefully nurtured over the years with dedication and precision. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been appointed on a stop-gap arrangement for a period of six months and has been categorical in stating that the players need to enjoy the football which is what its all about for a behemoth of an organization with millions of followers all over the world who want to see goals galore, back to the basics of the beautiful game with the sponsors in tow with the philosophy. The Gaffer begins his innings away from Molde and at the only Premier League club that he managed in his career.

With not much brouhaha, I would like to end with some potent lines, not original, but which are ingrained in the subconscious of millions such as myself and to inspire countless others. So let bygones be bygones.
It’s not just a kit.
-It’s our skin.
It’s not just a stadium.
-It’s our home.
They’re not only 11.
-We’re millions.
It’s not just 90 minutes.
-It’s a lifetime.
It’s not just football.
-It’s life!

Glory Glory Man United!

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