This movie is one of the hidden gems of Netflix and something that I had wanted to watch for a long time and I wasn’t too disappointed considering I’m not a fan of cyber romances even though this would be a reality sooner rather than later. As far as Artificial Intelligence systems go, this is a work of art by the director Spike Jonze and the movie is of the ilk such as Ex Machina.

Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Scarlett Johansson, Samantha, OS 1, Spike Jonze

The story revolves around Theodore played by Joaquin Phoenix who is a writer going through his final phase of reaching a divorce who falls in love with the world’s first Artificial Intelligent Operating System, OS 1 with a voice over from Scarlett Johansson and how the two “beings” try to come to terms with each other and reality.

The plot is intriguing and the pace is slow but the joy can be derived by imagining that we are not too far away from AI systems and love could be a reality that we might have to comprehend anew. Theodore is your average Joe who likes his video games and hanging out with friends, slowly but surely falls for the intelligent Samantha and for further proof of the storyline and the competency of the lead players, I would definitely recommend it for the mature viewer.

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