End of Watch

The next few blogs including this one are my swansong to Netflix having tried it for the last year and didn’t find it feasible in terms of the monetary aspect so this is a review of the movie End Of Watch starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Pena among others. The movie was a one time watch considering it was an offering by the prolific David Ayer and is shot documentary style to capture the daily rundown of two LAPD officers who are also good pals and what happens in their daily lives. Of course, given their line of duty, we come across almost every kind of felony there is on the streets to make it seem more meaningful.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Pena, David Ayer, Documentary Style, Netflix, Action, Crime. Drama
End Of Watch

The story captures a few drug traffickers and human traffickers but there is also an underlying power struggle between the Blacks and Hispanics and how the two cops eventually meet their match in a confrontation larger than life. The movie is for all Jake Gyllenhaal fans for he is the centre of attraction and gets your adrenaline kicking at the seam given both his looks and brawn. David Ayer also wrote Training Day and this offering is typical fare for your quintessential crime/action drama with loads of chutzpah. If you have Netflix then this has to be one of the more watchable films on offer.

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