Hell or High Water

I pulled the plug on my Netflix subscription after I found that I was paying for it beyond my means and just before I did that, I watched Hell or High Water because apparently it is highly recommended among movie buffs when you Google movies to watch on Netflix. Another drawback of Netflix is apparent considering if you watch it over a sustained period of probably more than a year which is what I did then you would realize that the content whittles down to zilch and you hit a brick wall. Hell or High Water is your modern wild west with a decent star cast and a plot that just about holds your attention. Ben Foster and Chris Pine are playing bank robbers who indulge in hara-kiri because their mama’s farm is about to go through foreclosure and they don’t have the money to stall it with Jeff Bridges on their tail as the Texas Rancher along with his Indian partner Gil Birmingham.

Chris Pine, Jeff Bridges, Ben Foster, Texas Midlands Bank, Netflix,
Hell or High Water

Each and every character on the show is human and flawed but there is no lack of quality in the acting prowess of the lead characters. The Rangers are on the wrong end of their lives and are subdued and outrun by the thrifty duo of the Howard brothers where Toby Howard, played by Chris Pine, is a divorcee who is trying to make it up for his kids while the other Howard, Tanner is just out of prison, played by Ben Foster who is completely believable as the eccentric and neurotic anti-establishment prisoner who wants his share of comeuppance.

Definitely worth a watch especially if you’ve seen a plethora of options from Netflix.

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