Boys will be boys

Another weekend comes to an end hoping that more could have been done or achieved vis a vis the family or get together but Monday Morning blues had another thing coming. Having slept for close to five hours, I had to get up in order to get me, my wife and my son’s passport updated due to our pending Israel trip. Little did I know what lay beneath. Having reached office, Chris suggested that me and him get wasted since he broke up with his long standing girlfriend right in the middle of having a double shot of Americano black coffee. Not one to let go of spur of the moment plans, I immediately agreed only for him to back out at the last minute.

I was resigned to the fact of toiling for the rest of the shift only to realize that Chelsea V Man United was on in the FA Cup rounds. Now, this match was all about the futures of the managers considering Sarri and Ole Gunnar Solsjaer were at opposite ends of the spectrum considering how their philosophies were playing out in the open.

To put matters to perspective, Chris tells me that he has a quota of ready made booze stacked in the car for the taking. So I pick up a quarter of Bacardi Black Rum and rush to the cafeteria for a disposable glass and cola to dilute it with notwithstanding the fact that a colleague Nathan who was off for a half day was willing to give a ride to hotels.

Now, when in New Delhi, there are a plethora of options right next to the Airport that would fulfill your accommodation needs. Please realize that I am on the wrong side of thirty and to watch the match in one of the hotels would be a Herculean task which is when Nathan tells me that he would be ready to give me a ride halfway through the destination. Alas, midway through the journey, it dawns upon me that I have left my wallet in the office. So I sift through the hotels on offer in trying to catch Man United in action against Chelsea finally honing in on the Aloft Hotel where the receptionist tries to upsell by offering a room to watch the game when I just wanted to see it uninterrupted in the lobby.

Match goes along expected lines with Man U emerging victorious while some guys from Mumbai are busy playing pool to prove a point and a lesbian couple giving me the vibes thinking I’d reciprocate which was not to be.

Did I mention that I took a half day and Nathan dropped me 3 kms away from the cluster of hotels and I walked it all the way up without any regrets?

Here I am after ‘checking’ the fourth hotel for the match and waiting for Chris to pick me up. Credit should also be shared with my best bud Vincent Lamba who interspersed my sordid saga with his invaluable repartee. Thank God for mobile devices.

Not to mention, Glory Glory Man United!!!

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