French 101

French 101
French 101

The reason for not having written in the last three and a half months is the reason why I’m typing this blog. Hopefully, the means justify the end. I learnt French again at Alliance Francaise in Delhi after having done it for six years in school. Knowledge is one thing that can be never taken away from you and so it seemed.

Being an Indian and a bonafide Punjabi makes me want to emigrate to Canada. For this reason alone, I had a like-minded friend/colleague for company in the office called Nadir. Now, Nadir is the primary applicant for emigrating to Canada and knowing French would be a plus point. This is when he saw me learning French on Duolingo, an app for the uninitiated which helps in learning different languages. So he told me that I should join him in learning French with an added incentive that the crowd is really good for bachelors and married men alike and it would be good fun.

We went to Alliance to register for the course and got to know that the fee would be 27k for the duration of the course which I thought was reasonable and would add to my application for Canada being the secondary applicant. Besides, nothing could go wrong in terms of learning the language as I had already done it in school and it would be more of a refresher course.

The day that I came to pay the fee was when Nadir decided to put in his papers because he wanted to go back to Bangalore to his dad who was alone. (For the record, he is currently working in Bangladesh in the Oil & Gas sector after shifting his loyalties from Information Technology). In addition, I got to know that there were no additional points for the secondary applicant even if he knew French as an additional language. That left me as the oldest person in the class of 21 at Alliance Francaise at 37(there were a couple of guys in their 30s but I was the oldest by a long shot).

This also led to a WhatsApp group named till today – “Celibataire + 1 Marie gang”(Singles + 1 married gang) which kept me on auto mode 24*7 because I was putting nine hours each on weekends including the time spent travelling, also, with hardly any time left to do anything else.

Now that you have had your kicks at my expense, hopefully, this should translate to more expressions of the ilk via this medium. Au revoir!

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