Once Upon a Time In…Hollywood

Yes, this is a review of the movie by the same name which in recent times has been nominated for 10 Oscars and when the tagline of a movie states that it is the ninth film by Quentin Tarantino then I have two words for you, enough said. Quentin has come a long way from his Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction days but still commands the romance and the respect every time he comes up with his rendition of a story on 70mm. This time is a homage to the golden age of Hollywood in the late sixties.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood(2019)
Once Upon a Time In…Hollywood

With a who’s who star cast that includes Brad Pitt, Leonardo Di Caprio, Al Pacino, Margot Robbie, Dakota Fanning, Kurt Russell and Luke Perry the film has grossed upwards of $350 million worldwide. Rick Dalton is a faded TV star played by Leonardo Di Caprio who has a stunt double Cliff Booth played by Brad Pitt and how the two of them embark on contrasting journeys to acquire fame and fortune, not literally, while they can. The movie by Hollywood standards is long at two hours and 41 minutes but is enjoyable and has scored high(7.8) on IMDB. Watch it for what it is worth.

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