5 Steps To A Voice Over Homestudio

The reason for writing this blog is to share how anyone reading this can set up a voice-over home studio for less than 7k INR(Indian Rupees) or less than $100 USD in five easy steps which is what I did. This is hoping that you would already have access to a laptop which would be able to download free software and a decent set of headphones for listening. Please understand that you would require a condenser microphone which would connect to an audio interface which in turn would connect to the laptop through a USB and the laptop would have pre-loaded software.

Voice-Over Home Studio
DIY: Voice-Over Home Studio
  1. Senheiser headphones which cost around Rs 1,500($21) are a prerequisite if you watch movies on your laptop or want to listen to songs even if you don’t want to set up a home studio. It is essential to have a 3.5 mm to 6.35 mm audio jack for Rs 240($3.36) because the headphones otherwise would not connect to the equipment that I am referring to in this article.
  2. A laptop would come handy which has a configuration about 8 GB RAM, MS Windows 7 or beyond and which could download software such as Audacity also known as Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) which is free, to record, edit, improvise on soundtracks, is the most popular and has an easy interface. Shotcut is a video editing free software which requires time getting used to and you might need it when it comes to voice-overs for animation or video.
  3. The Behringer U-PHORIA UM2 is an audio interface which converts the analogue signal from the microphone to the compatible digital signal of the laptop which could be represented as waveforms on the software such as Audacity or Shotcut. This device requires an XLR cable for Rs 325($4.54) to provide phantom power to a condenser microphone for it to function properly.
  4. A condenser microphone is required for a professional sounding voice which could be interpreted and treated via an audio interface and a laptop which could record the audio sample in a digital format such as mp3. I got this along with a stand and a plastic shock mount for Rs 1,900($26.56).
  5. A Pop Filter is essential to eliminate “p” sounds such as “pop” or hisses and also to prevent saliva from spoiling the mic. It should be installed at a distance between 2″ and 6″ from the mic. It would cost you Rs 250($3.50)

With the aforementioned things in mind and a little tweaking according to your liking, you can set up and soundproof your room for a professional sounding experience. Soundproofing could be done with Isolation Shields depending on your budget or pocket.

Happy recording!

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