Marriage Story

This is a movie review cum confession cum dedication towards the Valentine Day weekend coming up in part or at least in preparation of it. At 38(almost there), the definition of a romantic comedy and Feb 14 doesn’t really rhyme so this portion is dedicated to the movie about how a marriage breaks up and a family stays together, eventually with amazing portrayals by the star cast and brilliant direction by Noah Baumbach. It has been released in select theatres and is available on Netflix.

Marriage Story
Marriage Story

To bring a diary entry context to it, I had been obsessed ever since I got married three years back with the concept of divorce considering how much my parents used to bicker and be physically abusive which has defined me to an extent towards the person I am today. But going by this movie’s depiction of divorce proceedings or how much it entails when it comes to the process workflow of separation, it puts a spanner in the works when you think of taking the divorce step.

Noah Baumbach has expertly captured the scenes with the intricate details and the emotional turmoil that the couple, played by Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver, go through. Laura Dern and Ray Liotta are the lawyers for the couple standing against each other. So what is the moral of the story you might ask? In a lighter vein, divorce is expensive, ask Jeff Bezos.

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