Phantom Thread

This is a movie review keeping in mind that Valentine’s Day is another week away and continuing from where I left my last blog, this movie is as romantic as can be with great actors and Paul Thomas Anderson as the director. I think, Daniel Day-Lewis is hotter as Reynolds Woodcock compared to Vicky Krieps as Alma in a strictly non-gay way or it could have helped had Paul given more importance to Alma’s beauty in a strong non-sexist way. Sure, Daniel Day-Lewis’s body of work far exceeds Vicky’s but that just adds to the notion.

Phantom Thread
Phantom Thread

The film is set in 1950’s London with Reynolds as a successful designer with an upmarket clientele whose life is a routine with painstaking scenarios until he lays his eyes on Alma the waitress who is a strong-willed woman in her own right and how the two of them fall in love. Define irony? Writing a review for Phantom Thread and I have a Google add competing for my screen space with Kate Hudson as the star of the “movie” Dubai and for me, Kate Hudson would always be the heroine of How To Lose A Guy IN 10 Days. That just about wraps it up for me. Hope I can do something without the roses come to D-Day.


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