For the uninitiated, this is a movie review of 1917 and this movie got several accolades along the way including the nod for best Director for Sam Mendes. The movie has been shot in a single shot with an estimated budget of $100 million and a worldwide gross of $150 million approximately. The movie is visually stunning with great camera work and a story line that easily blends into the picture. Not to mention, war movies are a preferred genre and since this revolves around world war one, it makes it all the more interesting.


The story is in the middle of world war one where Lance Corporal Blake played by Dean-Charles Chapman takes with him Lance Corporal Schofield played by George MacKay and the two of them are entrusted with passing on a message to a platoon of 1,600 men at a distance who are ready to attack, to not do so since it was a trap. To add a twist to the tale, Blake is also trying to save his elder brother who is a part of the platoon.

The movie has garnered three Oscars and several other nominations and awards and has a rating of 8.5/10 on IMDB(Internet Movie Database).Watch the rest of the movie and form your opinion if you like such stories.

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