If you’ve been following my blog then it would be no surprise to you that this is another movie review by yours truly. Unfortunately, the film falls short of expectations given the premier star cast even though it could have been a hard-hitting movie. Please don’t take me as an MCP(Male Chauvinist Pig) but somehow women empowerment movies still have a long way to go. Disclaimer –  I appreciate women all the more after having married an independent lady who is a mother to my kid and who contributes to the household income by working for the government.


First, the star cast and then the story. The movie has Charlize Theron who portrays the character of Megyn Kelly ably supported by Nicole Kidman who plays the role of Gretchen Carlson and Margot Robbie as Kayla Pospisil and all three of them are working for Fox News at the height of Trump’s first election campaign with the US divided between conservatives and liberals.

This is the story of how the three women with support from other women colleagues take down Roger Ailes who is the head honcho of Fox News who has built the company into a behemoth contributing a third of the revenue for Fox Network under the leadership of Rupert Murdoch.

Being a professional and a man, there is a fine line during professional and personal space respectively that one needs to tread in order to be in the safe zone when it comes to sexual overtures to the fairer sex. Sexual harassment policies are commonplace now incorporate culture and instances such as the film and media exposure to misdemeanours towards women is being given due coverage and importance. Being an Indian and being a part of a patriarchal society does give rise to misogynist tendencies. Incidents in the not too distant past have cast a dark shadow over the country but I hope too that we “progress” towards more meaningful existence of the girl child and give due respect to women in the workplace.

Ps- My mother gave more than 35 years to the banking industry and held court over several ups and downs which is something that I want my wife also to follow up with to drive home the point.

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