The Report

The Report is a movie from Amazon Studios and is a realistic portrayal of events post 9/11 and how the CIA operated its torture chambers with impunity, lack of accountability by subverting the law and hiding it from the general public. It is due to the concerted efforts of Daniel J. Jones, played admirably by Adam Driver, who is a staffer to Senator Dianne Feinstein (Annette Bening) to investigate the CIA practices, detentions and Interrogation programs  after 9/11.

Adam Driver, Annette Bening, Daniel J. Jones, Dianne Feinstein, Jon Hamm, Scott Z. Burns, Steven Soderbergh
The Report

The movie also has Jon Hamm and is directed by Scott Z. Burns. Steven Soderbergh, best known for Traffic and Erin Brockovich is the producer and this movie had a limited theater release.

The message definitely comes across of high handed governments whether Republicans or Democrats and the highest offices still being put through accountability and owning up for their actions or operatives even if it is the most powerful clandestine intelligence agency in the world, the CIA.

A lesson in history about the background of the war on terror and even though I don’t exactly like the next statement, I have to admit that only in America can one have the audacity and courage to question the government in power or the way it functions and hold it accountable irrespective of the cost and the time that it takes. This movie showcases the intricacies of an Senate Select Committee on Intelligence which cost $40 million and took five years to see the light of the day.

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