Wholesome and Nutritious

The dish is a vague topic to write on and after spending a considerable amount of time, I decided to write on an accompaniment rather than the dish itself. I am as disciplined as can be when I go to the office by having two meals and four cups of tea. In contrast, I am lackadaisical to a fault on weekends with my meals. I start my day with two glasses of water and a mug of tea and my better half gives me a crushed spoonful of almonds, walnuts and pistachios after roasting them with honey to kick start my day.

I can say without inhibitions that unless nuts and fruits are served to me, I wouldn’t partake. I also count myself lucky in the same breath because my wife pampers and indulges me. Thoughtful of her when it came to the nuts and I can’t find a better way to begin my day.

Used to cook occasionally for recreation but I hardly partake any more other than a cup of tea when it is required. Maybe, I’ll write on a dish or a restaurant when the lockdown gets over some other day. Or if you’re reading this when the pandemic subsides and are looking for eating joints in Delhi, India, drop me a line and my suggestions according to your budget won’t disappoint.

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Almonds, Walnuts and Pistachios

Not sure if I want to harp on the qualities or brickbats regarding the mother of my son otherwise it would be a separate chapter altogether and this is when I have been married for the last four years.

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