Hands In Love

Wish Discover Prompts could keep churning up topics as obtuse as hands and I would never tire of writing or typing to be more correct. There are several facets which I want to discuss when it comes to hands so here goes.

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Hands In Love

A little bite into the world of astrology even though as big a believer as a cod which could survive on land but being an Indian, we are prone to our superstitions and our destiny. Somebody once told me when I was a school going kid that if the top line on my left-hand joins or converges with the top line on my right hand to form a crescent then I would be blessed with a very beautiful bride. Having met a good number of prospective brides during my courtship that rule went out of the window and I am frank when I can say that my better half also does not fall in the beautiful beauty category. On the contrary, she is what completes me and I am grateful for that.

Another problem with astrology and my hand are that my lifeline ends pretty abruptly but then it continues as if tomorrow is another day. I wish that this prophecy is also more of a fallacy considering I am only 37, in the pink of health and enjoying my time so far on this planet. Lest the pandemic tells you otherwise.

Can’t remember the last time I was a helping hand or somebody lent a hand. That story might be for another day but what I really want to do in terms of lending a hand is to be there for my Mom. She is in her early sixties and suffers from a psychological problem of thinking that she might fall down if she gets up from the bed and starts walking. What I feel is that towards the latter part of her stint in the bank as Manager she wasn’t able to balance the professional and personal life which took a toll on her. Then again, having given me every comfort and convenience possible including an awesome education, I believe she has the right to do anything and everything that she wants to even if it is about lying on the bed and stream her favourite shows and movies.

Another aspect of trying my hand at something would be to bungee jump. If I go for a trip to Canada I would definitely try my hand at it considering it is a lot more common there than here in India. I have a fear of heights and what better way to overcome it than to jump from a height & watch the world go by at breakneck speed.

This completes my entry for “Hands” and now I would sift through you good people to find what you’ve written. Stay safe!


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