This blog is on scent and kudos to WordPress Discover Prompts for encouraging me to write on it. The ideal woman for me would be one with a bob cut, good facial features, a nice figure and a scent to match. I’m a sucker for the “Scent of a woman” and there aren’t too many instances during my bachelor days when I’ve let go of an opportunity after taking a fancy to what SHE is “wearing”. Aah, those were the days. I’m blessed currently as well because of the scent of my better half who struts her stuff with Fame from Lady Gaga.

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Fame By Lady Gaga

When I was studying to be an engineer, I was blown away by a masculine scent which I have stuck to for the last 20 years approximately and that is Issey Miyake for men. I remember requesting my parents to get me a bottle from Singapore when they had taken a trip to South-East Asia and had asked me if I wanted anything in particular as a souvenir. As of today, I have five different bottles of Issey Miyake and am using Intense by the same brand which is my top scent on the personal front when I’m venturing out.

Another scent that I literally drool over is if somebody is doing the kebabs and tikkas on the barbeque in the vicinity. I tried my hand at it once but could not light up the coal for close to 45 minutes after trying every trick in the book including wetting it with lighter liquid.

The smells that I absolutely abhor are a few such as my son pooping in his pants or vomiting, the smell of the trash when I have to discard it and a washroom where the people at large don’t follow the etiquette. That is definitely the pits.

If I have to rank scent among the other senses then for me, it’ll always be after taste but before touch. I think you mellow down with age and prioritize your likes and dislikes and it is a lot different to your teens or the beginning of your adult life which is why the first paragraph of this blog is a fantasy that I’ll take to the funeral pyre or wait for an EMA(Extra-Marital Affair) to “hit” home. Let me know what you think…

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