Boys II Sham

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One of my best friends once asked me, “Why do kids go to school” to which I replied something like to give them structure, education that differentiates them from the rest, to channelize their energies, to earn the right to question, to learn, to partake in activities, sports AND give exams.

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Today, I was flabbergasted to know or read about a shocking incident that happened in Delhi, India. #BoysLockerRoom had become one of the top trending Twitter items in the country because a 15-year-old who had started it had been arrested.

The chat group on Instagram had 100 participants and they talked about raping girls, slut-shaming them, gang rape, clandestinely sharing intimate photographs of girls from their class, school.

A 19-year-old girl who realized that her image was being shared by the chat group filed a Police complaint and one school authority also filed a complaint.

The boys who are culprits belong to the elite, well to do schools in Delhi. This gives rise to a larger mindset that we, as Indians, find ourselves with.

Misogyny, narcissism, patriarchal society that we live in and the exposure or values that we are giving to the next generation. The objectification of the opposite sex, instant gratification taking priority over hard-earned accolades is sending the alarm bells ringing.

At the cost of sounding philosophical, as much as I wanted to have a daughter, I shudder to think about the insecurities of parents to daughters in this current scenario.

I would urge the reader to leave their comments on what exactly should be done with the sham students.

As far as I know, the Indian judicial system would not try the students as adults but if found guilty would then send them to a juvenile home away from their parents for a period of two or three years.

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