Hi Perke,

This is your dad trying to explain to you why you should support Manchester United Football Club even though you’re only three years old at present. Read further and you’ll realize why we are in 2020 still supporting what dad started following in 2001 in his college. This football club is my first, true love and you shall continue the legacy long after I’m gone. Glory Glory Man United son!

Red Letter Way

Let me elucidate the numerous factors that define a football club and why we end up supporting it. Credit also needs to be given to Discover Prompts because Day 27 was about Teams which gave me the bright spark about explaining this to you. Furthermore, I promise you this, before you turn into a teenager and your hormones get the better of you, I will send you to Old Trafford to watch a match at the Theater of Dreams.

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1. Team– Manchester United as a team is what defines it rather than a player or a manager as a collective with a sole purpose of winning the right way. Ask OLE, if you don’t believe me.

We have speedy wingers, a solid defence and an evolving midfield which is going to improve by leaps and bounds along with amazing bench strength.

We have creative, flair players who like to press when we don’t have the ball and enjoy playing on the counter with the gaffer defining the best course of action.

No mention of the team is complete without looking back at the contribution of stalwarts such as Sir Alex, Bobby Charlton, Matt Busby who have provided the foundation for this club’s philosophy and the blueprint for being a profitable organization.

Over the years, after a lot of trials and tribulations have we been able to come up with a legacy which is second to none in England and commands respect in Europe.

The winning mentality and quality are at the forefront of our endeavours and even though we have been trying to salvage seasons since 2013, we are never happy with just a top-four finish or a community shield.

There is even talk of MBS(Mohammad Bin Salman) taking over the club with his billions, who knows, we might be in the market for the Mbappes and the Neymars not that we NEED them.

2. Players- The players are the ones that do it on the pitch but no player is greater than the club. This is 2020 and Paul Pogba has a contract which might get extended till 2022. If he leaves before/during/after his shenanigans, you would be too small to understand but by that time Bruno Fernandez would have replaced your Peppa Pig and you would love Bruno even more.

A correction that was needed in the transfer market has happened due to COVID 19 as the sporting chief of Man United said today that Bruno would have cost $22 million, less than half of what we paid for him earlier.

The transfer market is like The Godfather by Mario Puzo with somebody always making an offer that we can’t refuse. Look at David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo in the annals of history albeit recent according to daddy.

When Neymar was transferred for $222 million, Karl-Heinz Rumminegge, the erstwhile head honcho of Bayern Munich said that they would have spent that kind of money on building a new stadium.

Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised once you add another few years and Monoply pales in comparison to the Transfer Market.

3. Titles– A fan following is accentuated manifold when a club starts winning regularly. Not just matches but Community Shields, League titles, FA Cups, Champions League, Club World Cup etc. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7…..Get it?

Look at what happened in 1999 when we won the treble beating Bayern Munich. BOY was that a spectacle.

It’s like this, Man United is the good like Avengers and everybody else is evil. Do you want to tell me, ” Daddy, may I support evil?”

Shame, Shame, Shame

4. Fans– Fans is what makes Man United sexy which is what the image on this post tells you if you support Man United.

Perke, imagine this when I send you to Old Trafford to watch your heroes in action, it won’t be easy considering a lot of factors BUT you will go. It would be the same for you like you had a ride on the Giant Wheel, exciting and exhilarating.

5. Technology– Kid, data is the new oil and Man United was one of the first clubs to come up with an app exclusively dedicated to all things United. Forget Candy Crush and Angry Birds. Apps give you a more personalized experience and you should download it right now with YOUR credentials. Lest you lose out on the fun.

The United training facilities are at Carrington named as the AON Training Complex and this is where the future lies. JUST LIKE YOU. Read up on the additions to the youth team, under-19s, under-23s and you would know the next Rashford or if we LET GO perpetually of the next Paul Pogba.

The income is generated through match day tickets, TV rights and sponsorship deals for the kit, stadium etc.

Never ever forget #IAMUNITED




2 thoughts on “MAN UNITED 101

  1. Oh dear, and I thought we could be friends…..can’t argue with their achievements though, this coming from an LFC fan on the cusp of our 19th league title.
    I think we’re in better shape now though….roll on the restart if that happens.

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