Prudent Indian Student

Netflix and Amazon Prime rule the roost when it comes to whiling away time on a weekend and it was no different today.

Started Sherlock from 2010 starring Benedict Cumberbatch and I got all the inspiration I needed to write this when John Watson BLOGS in the series.

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Seriously, I am a Generation Y born in the early 80s and when I look back, there was not much ambition in me to think about what I wanted to become growing up. There was early pressure to perform or score decent marks in exams but my father didn’t look beyond making me and my brother an engineer or a doctor.

This myopic view is shared by a lot of parents or used to be and children being the impressionable young minds that they were going with it.

Cult Indian movies like Rang De Basanti and Dil Chahta Hai became blockbuster hits known to every household because the themes resonated with the youth, talked about teenage angst and called for a change to the outlook of the elders.

I was definitely made for communication, arts, sales what have you but couldn’t really put my foot down when it came to my calling. The only time that I did was when I had to choose between Hindi and French as a second language in my eighth standard and was able to put my MONEY where my MOUTH was.

Dad still is such an authoritative figure who always put his foot down on matters pertaining to the curriculum and I still can’t have a healthy discussion with him.

If I have to give my Dad marks out of 100 then it would be 99 and I would still harp on the one thing missing and that is a better understanding of my childhood.

To stay with ambition, one thing that I repent is not being able to add to my engineering degree which I hope can be passed on to my son. Whether he’s able to finish it and be responsible about it is another story altogether.

Missed opportunities, lack of focus, excuses, hereditary disorders(bi-polar), the reason could be anything but I want my son to express himself to the best of his ability and I would not try to pigeon hole him into believing that I KNOW better than him when it comes to studies unless he asks for my opinion.

I think I have done decently as an individual up until now and can’t take the future for granted considering the situation we are in. Let me know your thoughts if you want to share your student experiences, ambition growing up, a parent being too strict and I would be happy to reciprocate via this forum.

7 thoughts on “Prudent Indian Student

  1. Thanks for sharing. I wanted to study law but never got the grades, but my parents were OK with me opting for IT as a change in career. But those two movies were game changers for me in Bollywood. No surprise Amir Khan was in both.

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