Why? Oh My!

Today, I just added an about me section to the WordPress site and wanted to write on why I started to blog. It was merely for recreation but now, more recently, I have taken it seriously.

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There is an inherent quality which makes me opinionated and I have a flair for voicing it, pun intended.

As I said, initially it was more about being out there than really caring about what content was on offer. Hell, I even subscribed to Google Ad Words to attract traffic on my site. BEWARE, this analogy would put this FUTILE exercise into perspective.

Google Ad Words is like a tap that has been left open or suffice to say, irrespective of the money that you pump in, you wouldn’t get the ROI(Return On Investment) or you might get saturated too soon.

Another notion that I worry about is would I have sufficient topics to blog on or sufficient stories to tell considering there is a saturation point or a writer’s block just around the corner.

The above problem is taken care of for the foreseeable future due to three different pro-active measures that I took:-

1. Discover Prompts through WordPress came out with a topic a day in April on stuff that we could blog on and that really caught my fancy in terms of the interest and the thoughts that I could put across with every topic even though I wasn’t regular.

2. Second and more importantly, I consciously built a repository of topics that were on the internet such as typing writing prompts on Google or WordPress which could give you a lot of what you could write on.

3. Blogging is also an exercise for someone who is a voracious reader who eventually gathers the kind of exposure that is required to build up a crescendo of words, poetry, photography, videos, audio etc.

In the present day scenario, you either have a blog or your own Youtube channel with the two mediums competing with each other intensely and the eyeballs are definitely towards Youtube otherwise Google wouldn’t have bought it.

With the kind of bloggers available on WordPress, I am doing my due diligence, suffice to add there is no dearth of topics to blog on with individuals typing as a formality, some giving it a good run for the money, some gathering followers like there’s no tomorrow, some promoting, some monetizing, and some going along on the ride.

Rest assured, it is a healthy medium, a constructive medium which you can look back and count your achievements and share with your family as a timeline.

I follow among many, accomplished bloggers such as Cristian Mihai(@crsmihai), New Lune(@newlune) and several others which doesn’t just keep me interested but keeps the fire burning. I don’t see it as a destination but a journey that I have undertaken where I meet fellow tourists in the virtual world.

Why do you blog? Please leave a comment if you feel like it and thanks for stopping by.

6 thoughts on “Why? Oh My!

  1. I’ve been blogging on and off since 2008. I closed my first blog. It was political nonsense and I am not a political animal anymore. My blog, now, covers many topics and I have a landing page for material on a Welsh psychic.
    I’m a photographer and a history nut. I also cover some news articles, words, music, television and movies.

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    1. I have been blogging since 2010, stopped in 2013 and then restarted in 2017. Try and be regular with it because it gives me the kicks in the virtual world. I am also a freelance voice-over artist other than working 9 to 5 as well. Thanks for your input. Appreciate it.

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  2. I blog because I simply like to write. Sometimes words contained within a notebook won’t do justice if no one else gets to read them. Also I need something to do when I take on retirement one day (long way away) but the transition would be quite easy 🙂

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