Read to succeed

Growing up, my brother used to read Enid Blyton’s cover to cover even repeating it after he had finished the entire collection and I, on the other hand, started to read the newspaper religiously which is what9 I like and follow till today.

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I was encouraged in my childhood to read the newspaper because The Sun is to the UK what The Times Of India(TOI) is to India and that is your quintessential TABLOID. TOI started a program in schools called Newspaper In Education(NIE) when I was in class sixth and we were encouraged to read.

This is the flow that I follow when I pick up the paper after I’ve had my shot of caffeine in a big mug. Skim the front page and then go on to the last for, my favourite, the sports section which is then followed by the business section and then the world/international section.

Occasionally, I look over the editorial section as well if some of my weekly authors have contributed like Swaminathan Aiyar(#swaminomics) for instance otherwise I look to the heading of the article if it catches my fancy.

Call it whiling away my time or keeping my imagination at play but all I do is read the newspaper, sift through WordPress and sometimes read a fiction novel among 100 odd that I’ve built for my son as a collection.

I am on anti-psychotics because I’m Bi-Polar and did something outrageous to escape it which is what I am now on the medication and the dosage. This limits or distances me from endeavours such as adding to my resume, adding to my qualification because I hardly have a memory or useful thought process that I can utilize to my betterment.

However, if you’ve been following me then you would already know about my predicaments. The medicines have their disadvantages but outweigh every negative because I can’t face up to my own brain.

Anyways, let’s not digress, reading the paper not only gives you the latest COVID 19 count but usually keeps you interested in topics that you would want to know any which way.

While reading the paper did I get to know about Chernobyl the series by HBO and to a lesser extent the tourist destination due to the popularity of the show. The article was about how Instagram Influencers were POSING at Chernobyl by belittling the suffering incurred by the town’s population and also getting themselves at risk due to any leftover radiation that might be there.

The only drawback that I can think of this habit is that Newspapers can easily formulate public opinion/perception and can be propaganda machines. This makes it all the more imperative that we should always question the powers that be lest we become stooges in the bigger scheme of things.

In short, my routine is not complete without the newspaper and I would welcome or invite suggestions from the readers if they want to share what they’ve been reading(fiction or non-fiction) or something of note that caught their eye.

Thanks for stopping by!

9 thoughts on “Read to succeed

  1. I too read newspapers but not tabloids. I read broadsheets like The Guardian which often include voices and faces you don’t get to hear it see in tabloids! I also love reading novels and books as well as other bloggers posts! Thanks for sharing this interesting post on your reading habits! πŸ˜ƒπŸ™

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