Goals with a hole in my soul

We are in May and before I can say May Day, half the year is almost up. Still, it gives me plenty of time that I can put to good use to accomplish the goals of the year. Suffice to say that it would take a lot to accomplish in terms of money, time and effort but all should be worth it in the end.

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

1. My kid is three and some and I have to put him in a good school in Delhi but easier said than done. Schools are a dime a dozen but good schools are rare to hone in unless one has the right credentials read capitation and/or recommendation without which it is next to impossible.

The definition of a good school begins with which has just the right proportion of upper-middle-class pupils of families. the service class, not yet spoilt by the riches of the businessmen and their kids hell-bent on showing off.

Due emphasis is also given in a good school to English as the language of choice rather than a necessity to prove a point to the powers that be. Furthermore, due recognition is also provided to sports and extracurricular activities as part of the report card and parent teacher’s meeting.

2. I have a Toyota Corolla which I’ve been missing for the last two months approximately and the sad part is it can only ply on the roads for another 18 months because cars on petrol can run for 15 years on Delhi roads. I don’t blame the authorities but which basically means that I have to start saving up on cash to buy myself a new car soon.

Haven’t decided which company or model I’ll buy but hopefully it would be a sedan. My better half is also insisting on a two-wheeler since she works for the government and her office is close by. A scooter is really HANDY on Delhi roads but then you RUN the risk of being involved in an accident knowing Delhi roads and the lack of driving sense that prevails.

3. Last year my wife and kid returned from Nagpur in Central India and my son had to be hospitalized for Dengue. Wouldn’t wish it for my worst enemy what we went through and now it’s COVID 19. If the situation improves around the end of the year, probably November or December, then we HAVE to go to Kerala or Israel.

Not for nothing is Kerala known as God’s own country in this part of the world and the backwaters, greenery, tea plantations, safaris are second to none. I have a couple of close friends who hail from Kerala and have the itinerary down to the ‘T’.

Even Israel for that matter is a tourist’s delight. Last year I went to the Israeli government site for tourism and was impressed with what was on offer. Recently, I came across the site of Hephzibah, phiemyndz.wordpress.com, and she had a beautiful pic of Haifa in one of her posts not that I needed a second invitation. I’ve heard a lot about Haifa and Israel and have renewed affinity for it after watching Fauda on Netflix.

I would like to leave you with a couplet by Allama Iqbal which goes:-

Sitaron se aage jahan, aur bhi hain, aur bhi hain

There is a world beyond the stars, there are worlds, there are worlds,

Abhi ishq ke imtehan aur bhi hain,

There are still more examinations of the heart/love


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