7 Essential free apps for your blog

If you’re new to blogging or do it for recreation, you need certain apps to streamline the process so that blogging becomes a part of your life rather than a hobby. Since the last couple of months, I have been or try to be regular with my posts and the following seven apps are for me an essential part of what I do. Needless to add, who doesn’t like free bees?

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Dont slog for your blog

  1. Paperblanks App– This is a mobile app for word and journal prompts. It is really useful and till now has always come to the rescue when I’m bereft of ideas or I hit the writer’s block. It has got hundreds of prompts in a lot of categories to choose from and requires a simple refresh for a fresh topic.
  2. Grammarly This is an app for those who want to auto-correct their spelling mistakes and their grammar. I employ it for both my personal and professional goals and find it useful while proofreading the content that I put out. The volume and frequency of posts might differ from person to person but Grammarly is one constant that I always harp on for good measure.
  3. Google Keep- This is for all those who are more heart than the mind to capture anything which might be text, image, to-do list and can also be used for recording voice reminders. Random topics that might strike you are best kept in Keep so that they are utilized for something that could be turned to an interactive post. This is on the cloud which facilitates the sync across devices irrespective of the place you’re at.
  4. Trello– is a collaborative tool and is more towards scheduling and completing tasks in the long run with a user interface second to none. If you want to be good with blogging posts then one has to maintain a routine and Trello helps in that regard. This is one of my more recent finds so I’m yet to be aware of its full capabilities though that shouldn’t stop YOU. Remember, for the free version, there are several ways to upgrade which is dependent on your usage so the first PURCHASE should be the calendar and then you can build from there.
  5. Dictionary.com- The name is self explanatory and I wouldn’t want to add much. However, there is a Thesaurus as well that I regularly check as & when I have trouble with the English language.
  6. Pinterest- One of my favourite sites which is typically used for bookmarking. I post my blogs on it AND look for funky images when I feel there needs to be some COLOUR to the post.
  7. Google Analytics- The site performance in terms of the statistics can be gauged through Google Analytics. The traffic to your site along with the bounce rates can be a lot of data and if you’re looking at monitory aspects or income then it becomes all the more prudent.

Hope you enjoyed my experience with the above apps and appreciate you for stopping by. Thanks! Let me know your apps for blogs that you can’t do without and I look forward to your contribution.

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