How to enable VPN for free and download torrents

This is one of my dead giveaways when it comes to enabling a VPN and downloading torrents. VPN is a Virtual Private Network and strictly in layman’s language is utilized to circumvent government restrictions or keep in check your online privacy by not leaving an online footprint. Needless to add, you would not have to spend a penny.

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Follow the step by step procedure on how to enable VPN and eventually download anything from movies, music, software etc.

  1. Download the browser Opera and then go to settings. In the top right corner of settings, you would have a search box where you can type VPN and then enable VPN from the drop down menu.
  2. Through Opera, please go to the site 1337xdotto and then search for any content that you would like to download
  3. Use and torrent client such as utorrent or Bit Torrent to start downloading.

The above information might not be too useful because the majority of people have now gone on to streaming anything under the sun rather than download and that is fair enough. However, there are several sites in India specific to torrents that are off-limits and hence this could be a workaround of sorts.

Besides, I am not a technical guy who knows about the intricacies involved even though I work for an IT firm. Let me know if you found today’s post useful or something I can add to. Thanks for stopping by.

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